Grandmother Dives From the Sky

Down the wishing well we flow. Down we go. Come on home to the cell (crystalline form where rainbow lights flow, for the river of our souls). There my heart is flowing good. There my song does flow. I know God is coming home, there my heart does glow. Come and take me by the hand, fill me up with love. Tell my soul, we going home, where sunlight fills the land.

There'd be wisdom coming through, being a sound repair. There is song in all we do, coming home in fear. We can banish all our pain. If we look the right way. We can find our brotherhood, when God is looking our way. There is love my heart can bear. There is looking into the glass we share. I know Great Spirits everywhere are coming to be a family care.

WE can find a heart in love, if we choose the right way. We can offer kingdom's place, when we share our face. My heart sings of brotherhood, when we laugh and sing. We can offer loving ways, when the song is bringing us to clean. Purification look me in the eyes. Show me the right way. Purification look into my heart look at my tears I cry.

There is worship everywhere, but my heart knows the way. I can offer you the truth, if God is really your display. We are relatives in the stars. WE are kingdom come. We are children we need beware, because we do feed the bear. Everyone who doesn't know. You need get down and pray. WE are sacred beings everywhere, but God must make us slate.

Can you feel me? Do you dare? Can you whisper holiness in the air? Don't you look out, from inside your heart? Don't you feel the love, that imparts? WE are going home, and it's a brand new day. WE are going home, to save our sacred ways. There is much to do, lets fight for heaven's sake. There is much to do, for rolling hills they wait.

My love will follow you. I will be there. My love will carry you through. I will be there. My love will carry you new, when you lead the way. My love will carry you through,when you choose sacred ways!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dance and Sing, the Shining Sun, the Land Upon the Hill

Grandmother Dives From the Sky, your Two Foot Club Sacred Song Blessings

Come with me and let's be free.  Come with me and I will sea.  Hold my hand and understand God is liberty.  Search your heart make it part (separate) from all that disease (unite with blessings, that make you free).  And I will be a song for thee, the heart of heavenly breeze.  

There we go upon the hill.  There we shine upon the land.  There my heart knows everything, because I am the Sun. I will dance with you, for you to find a new view.  I will sing a song for glory has begun.  There we go upon a show, shining bright upon the sea.  Glory bee, the magic heart, the Song that sets me free.

Dance and Sing, hold on to me (swelling heart).  Dance and sing and you will be free.  Dance and sing for all to understand heaven is a romance.  There I stand upon a hill.  There I glance upon my soul.  There I go to help and unfold all the joys of man.

Dance and Sing it's a brand new day.  Dance and Sing with me.  For I am Lakota my heart does prance for all, the shining sea, for sunrise in me. 

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

Fire Purification

Diving From the Sky, she takes a glorious ride, the song beneath my wings, help me find my way.  Guide me to the days, where I will find my way, into the heart of Sunshine, that delivers us from lies.  I know it's time to go, where the Sun does always grow, the light within our hearts, that comes from heavenly starts.  But now it's time to know, that truth will set us to show, the living in the light, comes from diving from the sky.  And we are the Two Foot Club that makes us go round and round, the heart of all the world, is where we go from here.  And we can find the ways, into paradise reigning suns, the blue of true, the heart of you, my child, we go for a ride.  Let's sing and dance and chide, those who do not know the way, it's up to us, to shine like stars, upon the rolling hills.

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